Friend and customer,



2020 and 2021 have been uniquely challenging years for us all. We’ve seen dramatic changes in our social lives, work routines, child care, and leisure time.


While it may appear the pandemic favoured at-home service businesses such as LubeVan, the broader impacts of work-from-home, homeschooling, lock-downs, and travel restrictions brought many of our customer’s vehicles to a halt. Consequently, these vehicles did not require maintenance at nearly the same frequency as they had previously.


The result was a steep decline in oil change volume throughout the summer and winter months. This decline in volume coupled with several price increases, including fuel, oil, oil filters and insurance, has forced us to make several price adjustments across our range of services while eliminating some popular but unprofitable services.


Moving forward from August 15th, all services scheduled will see price increases ranging from $6 to $15. Our full pricing list is available at and prices will be updated on August 15th.


We will also be phasing out our conventional oil Change once the remaining inventory is consumed due to insufficient demand, low profitability, and the superiority of modern synthetic oils.


We apologize if these price increases or the elimination of conventional oil changes is an inconvenience. Still, these changes are absolutely necessary to preserve the viability of the business and the good folks it employs.


Thank you so much for understanding, and be well.



Ryan A. Dach

Founder & President


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