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Seasonal Wheel/Tire Storage available for LubeVan customers (using LubeVan as the installer) at the low price of $59/Season.

Free Wheel/Tire pickup when moving your tires to our storage facility from another storage provider! Call us to schedule a free wheel/tire pickup.

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Need Rims or Tires?

LubeVan has a wide selection of rims and tires for every application including winter tire packages! Have your new wheels and tires DELIVERED free of delivery charge. Call us today for a quote.

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Included with each appointment

  • A visit from a LubeVan technician
  • New engine oil, and a new engine oil filter
  • Lubrication of the locks, hinges, grease fittings, and other moving components.
  • Tire wear inspection and tire pressure adjustment.
  • Check of headlights, tail lights, signal lights and horn.
  • Visual inspection of coolant, transmission fluid level, brake fluid , power steering fluid, and top up of needed fluids.
  • An inspection and cleaning of the engine air filter.
  • Recalibration of the vehicle's onboard maintenance or oil change required indicator.
  • A visual inspection of steering and suspension components
  • A free engine light diagnoses if required.

What type of oil should I use?

Synthetic or Conventional?

Most vehicles can use either synthetic or conventional oil, however many new vehicles as well as high performance vehicles must use synthetic oil.

Conventional Oil : Is a lubricant byproduct of the crude oil refinement process. Conventional oils often contain cleaning agents and other additives, but are largely extracted from the earth and refined. We recommend that users of conventional oil perform an oil change every 6,000km.

Synthetic Oil : Is a lubricant that is engineered and produced with a combination of chemically modified petroleum components and other synthesized elements. Since synthetic oil is engineered, it often performs better and lasts longer under high heat conditions. We recommend users of synthetic oil perform an oil change every 12,000km.

When should I get an oil change?

And how long until I'll need one again?

You should get an oil change when your car is approaching the end of it's oil's useful life.

Usually you will have an oil change reminder sticker, or in some cases your vehicle's onboard computer will let you know. If you don't have a sticker, and you can't remember your last oil change, change the oil as soon as possible and keep a maintenance routine moving forward.

If your last oil change was a synthetic oil change, your synthetic oil will have a useful life of roughly 12,000km depending on the quality of the oil. If your last oil change was a conventional oil change, your conventional oil will have a useful life of around 6,000km. The useful life of your oil can also be impacted by other factors like the environment. Generally we recommend changing your oil every 4-6 months regardless of the distance traveled because engine oil can be contaminated by moisture, gasoline, and other elements over time.

Having Trouble Choosing An Appointment?

Don't sweat it, we won't charge your card until the appointment is complete, and a member of our team will reach out if any changes need to be made to your selection.


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