What happens during an oil change?

Great question! Unfortunately the answer isn't a simple one. Depending on where you get an oil change, the amount of service your vehicle receives and what happens during an oil change will vary greatly.

In our opinion, routine oil changes serve many purposes beyond simply draining your old oil and replacing it with new oil. Many shops perform oil changes in 10 minutes or less, which doesn't leave much time to ensure the vehicle is in safe, reliable operating condition.

At LubeVan we believe that each oil change is an opportunity to change the engine oil, change the engine oil filter, lubricate many other components, and perform a detailed check of the vehicles operation and safety. Are the tires correctly inflated? Are the lug nuts tight? Are any components broken? Is the engine light on, if so, why? How is the tire wear? How are the accessory drive belts? Are the fluids at the correct levels? All of these checks and more are free inclusions in each LubeVan service appointment. Much like a dealership, its important to us that the next trip in your car inspires confidence.


Oil Change Practices

Many "quick lube" shops employ part-time teenagers and other individuals with limited experience and pay them close to minimum wages. We have former quick-lube employees at LubeVan and can testify to many ways this lack of experience and motivation can create an environment where corner cutting and carelessness cause issues with customer vehicles.

At LubeVan every bolt is tightened with a digitally calibrated torque wrench to the exact manufacturer specification. Our paperwork reviews all of the technicians actions ensuring they retrace their steps as they complete the vehicle inspection report. Additionally we monitor the vehicle running after the service for no less than two minutes. Through these processes we have virtually eliminated our incredibly low error margin of 0.4%.


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