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How to build a mobile oil change business


Learn From Our Mistakes

Whether you're just getting started, or you have a fancy new oil change truck parked in your driveway, LubeVan can help you get to the next stage in your business. LubeVan began designing service vehicles in 2012, developed a marketing plan through trial and error in 2014, and continues to experience rapid growth. Don't make the same costly mistakes we did! Below we have packaged the information we are asked about most frequently into self-serve information products guaranteed to help you build your mobile service business. This is the same information included in our franchise program, without the constraints of franchise ownership. While the content of each module relies on the function of the whole model (for example you can have the best marketing in the world, but if your equipment constantly fails you won't succeed) each module is available separately to ensure you're receiving the exact information you need.

Why is this information for sale?

Over the course of building our business it has become increasingly obvious that many hardworking folks are interested in operating their own mobile service business and wish to avoid constraints associated with typical franchise ownership. The mobile oil change also tends to be a model which many individuals struggle to start part-time or with limited capital. It is for this reason we have made our business information available in an affordable, self-serve format, in hopes that our mistakes can help you reach your goals or prevent you from making the same mistakes we did.


Before Getting Started

All of our consulting services are available via a general Q&A consultation to open the business discussion. Not all information or documentation is available through the Q&A session, however we will answer all of your questions to the best of our ability, and it will help us understand exactly what information will benefit you most.

General Q&A Session - 1Hr All Questions Answered - $500 USD

Business Feasibility Consultation: Pricing Strategy, Products, Geography, Weather, Suppliers, Costing, and Competition Analysis.

Feasibility Consult - 1Hr W/Worksheet  - $500 USD

Business Structure Consultation: Complying With Federal, State, Provincial, & Municipal By-laws, Insurance Requirements, Incorporation, Accounting (CRA & IRS), Municipal Zoning and North American Safety Standards.

Structure Consult- 30Min W/Document - $250USD

Assets, Infrastructure, Financing

Financing Requirements, Tips, & Break-Even Analysis: Start up costs, how to finance your business, basic business expenses and minimum viable product.

Financing & Break-Even Consult 1HR W/Documents - $500 USD

Mobile Service Vehicle & Equipment Selection: A look at all factors to consider when building a mobile oil change service unit including complete list of all tools and equipment on each LubeVan.

Mobile Service Vehicle Consult 1HR W/Documents - $500 USD

Home Base, Selecting Location, Office Considerations, Supply Chain Considerations, Inventory, Waste Disposal, & Organization : An explanation of how to most cost effectively operate your mobile oil change without the overhead of a full shop.

Home Base Consult 1HR W/Documents - $500 USD

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Marketing Plan : Proven strategies on attracting customers to your mobile oil change, and how to keep them. Customer acquisition and retention data from LubeVan including CPA, actual retention data, and best practises.

Marketing Plan- 2Hr W/Manual - $3,000 USD

Operating Your Business

Processes, Training, Organization & Optimization Documents: Utilize our step-by-step oil change process, preparation checklists, inventory checklist, and customer communication process (including vehicle reports). Most useful for companies using our mobile oil change vehicles and equipment.

Processes, Training, Organization Documents - 1Hr W/All Documents - $1,500 USD

Technology - Online Tools, Telephony, CRM, Routing, E-Mail and Scheduling : How to ensure technology is being effectively used to minimize the time investment required to operate your business including an introduction to all of the tools LubeVan uses to maximize efficiency.

Technology & Tools Consult - 1Hr W/Walk-Through - $500 USD

Key Operational Performance Metrics : Review of service unit and technician performance at peak capacity (2018) with service unit capacity, profit generation guidelines, overhead guidelines, and achieved gross margins.

Operational Performance Consult - 1Hr W/Document - $1,000 USD

Business Management Structure (2-5 vehicles) : How to properly structure your team and management to ensure customer satisfaction, minimal operational error, profitability, and scalability.

Business Management Structure Consult - 1Hr W/Document - $1,000 USD
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