Mobile Battery Replacement

Does Your Car or Truck Have A Dead or Dying Battery? LubeVan Mobile Battery Replacement

We'll replace your dead batteries or boost your vehicle, in any weather, anywhere in the GTA within 24 hours.

LubeVan battery replacement service can be a lifesaver, especially if you're stranded. LubeVan provides a limited four year warranty on all battery replacements in cases where the battery isn't harmed by another electrical drain or malfunction.

LubeVan only installs the highest quality and most dependable Interstate Batteries, and we install them for the incredibly low delivery and installation fee of $59 (Battery not included). We will have you up and running in no-time the next time your car or truck decides to leave you stranded.

We stock a wide range of Interstate 12v standard lead acid, and AGM batteries for every application.



Pro Tip

If you're beginning to notice your vehicle having difficulty starting, especially in the cold weather, or you've had to boost it on more than one occasion, replace your vehicle battery ASAP to avoid being stranded!

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