The Easiest Business To Start in your spare time:

A LubeVan Mobile Oil Change Franchise

You want to be your own boss, set your own hours, and build a business doing something you enjoy. If you love working on vehicles, helping other people, and and the great outdoors, owning a LubeVan franchise might be a dream come true.


So Get Started on your Dream!

LubeVan makes business ownership easy with an all-encompassing franchising/leasing program. You can get started for a few thousand dollars and low monthly payments. Our upfront costs are low so that you can start with a minimal investment, and build your business part-time until it generates enough revenue for you to run the business full time. Set your own work schedule with our online scheduling tools. Start by working a few nights a week, weekdays or on weekends. Once you're up and running you decide how much additional income you want and how much time you'll spend looking for customers. The faster you build your business, the faster you will be free of your boss and constrictive work schedule.


No franchise fees, no exorbitant upfront costs, large territories, and no unreasonable rules. You're truly the boss!

LubeVan provides all the information, training, technology, and equipment you'll need to get started, just add work! LubeVan has developed exclusive processes, equipment, and other systems that make it easy to run your mobile oil change business. Our systems enable you to deliver flawless, predictable experiences to your customers at every single service appointment. LubeVan doesn't charge franchise fees, franchisees don't need to take on massive debts to get started, and you don't need to quit your job until you want to!


Franchise Inclusions

Knowledge Base

  • Business Model
  • Sales Projections
  • Sales & Marketing Plan
  • Processes & Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • Training & Coaching

Leased Assets & Infrastructure

  • Field Tested Toolset & Free Replacement of faulty tools.
  • Field Tested Extraction & Dispensing Equipment
  • Field Tested Service Vehicle & Configuration
  • High Efficiency Outfitted Service Vehicles (interior & exterior)
  • Safety and Environmental Protection Kits

Customer Base

  • LubeVan is constantly expanding operations and currently has more work than possible to service. Some of this work exists outside our geographical service area and some franchise territories contain existing customers.
  • LubeVan has ongoing business relationships with national customers such as U-Haul, Element Fleet Management, and JP Lease Management.

Why choose a mobile oil change franchise?

The Automotive industry is changing rapidly! Mobile services are gaining in popularity and doubling in size each year! Nobody want's to waste their time bringing a vehicle in for service. Even Tesla is offering mobile service technicians. Since 98% of all vehicles sold are still gas or diesel powered, individuals and businesses will be needing convenient oil changes for decades!

Since 2012, LubeVan has introduced new cost effective solutions to the challenges that prevented scale in the mobile oil change business model. We have developed a system that is easy to operate, has a low cost of entry, requires minimal maintenance, can be profitable from day one, and most importantly, provides customers with an easy, convenient and trustworthy option for a service that is often anything but convenient.

The LubeVan franchise program gives you access to the tools, equipment and infrastructure that has made LubeVan a massive success in the Toronto market. It includes everything; your physical LubeVan, tools, equipment, inventory, marketing plans, marketing material, payment processing, sales processes, uniforms, and detailed (training) instructions on how to operate every aspect of your LubeVan business. This includes customer acquisition, waste disposal, regulatory challenges, and troubleshooting. Rather than juggling your incoming phone calls while driving and figuring out the best way to find customers, you can spend your time working through our proven process and expediting the growth of your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

A LubeVan franchise can be started for as little as,

$5,500 CDN

Plus monthly lease payments on your tools and equipment starting at $500 + HST.

The LubeVan franchise system has been developed to allow the franchise operator to generate a profit in their first year of business ownership provided they actively seek a minimum of 15 new customers (average of one new customer every two days) each month month in their respective market.

To initiate franchise talks LubeVan charges a one-time non refundable  consulting fee of $499 CDN, this fee includes startup documentation, the commitment, and a one hour consultation. This package will provide the information you'll need to develop your projections and get started.

What Franchise Territories Are Available?


Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas
Oakville, Mississauga
Brampton, Caledon, Georgetown
Pickering Ajax
Sault St. Marie
Thunder Bay

What do I Need to get Started?

All you need to get started is a true desire to build your business, some basic automotive knowledge, a willingness to learn, and a small investment. If you'd like to proceed, please schedule a consultation with our team below.