You want to start a mobile oil change Franchise?

LubeVan can help you become an independent business owner, without the fees and limitations of a traditional franchise!

No franchise fees, no territories, no unreasonable rules. You're truly the boss!

LubeVan provides all the information, training, technology, and equipment you'll need to get started, just add work! LubeVan has developed exclusive processes, equipment, and other systems that make it easy to run your mobile oil change business. Our systems enable you to deliver a flawless, predictable experience to your customers at every single service appointment.


Knowledge Base

  • Business Model
  • Sales Projections
  • Sales & Marketing Plan
  • Processes & Documents
  • Technical Support
  • Training & Coaching

Assets & Infrastructure

  • Field Tested Toolset & Warranty
  • Field Tested Extraction & Dispensing Solutions
  • Field Tested Service Vehicle Configurations
  • Service Vehicle Design (interior & exterior)
  • Safety and Environmental Protection Kits
  • Complete Service Unit Construction

The Opportunity

Since 2012, LubeVan has introduced new cost effective solutions to the challenges that prevented scale in the mobile oil change business model. We have developed a system that is easy to operate, has a relatively low cost of entry, requires minimal maintenance, can be profitable from day one, and most importantly, provides customers with an easy, convenient and trustworthy option for a service that is often anything but convenient.

The LubeVan licensing program gives you access to the tools and infrastructure that will give you the best possible platform to succeed in the mobile oil change business. It includes everything; your physical LubeVan, inventory, marketing plans, marketing material, payment processing, sales processes, uniforms, and detailed (training) instructions on how to operate every aspect of your LubeVan business including customer acquisition. Rather than juggling your incoming phone calls while driving and figuring out the best way to find customers, you can spend your time working through our proven process.

It literally took the LubeVan team hundreds of thousands of dollars to glean the learnings included in the licensing program, you have the opportunity to learn that information the easy way.

As to be expected when starting any business, your mobile oil change business will take a tremendous amount of work and effort during the early days. If you're prepared and up to the challenge, please complete  the following information form.


The Challenge

At first glance it appears to be an easy, affordable path to business ownership. Unfortunately buying or outfitting a mobile lube vehicle and declaring yourself open for business is just the first step.

A successful mobile oil change business relies on thousands of paying customers each year to turn a profit, it truly is a volume business without the advantage of a storefront.

Behind the scenes you'll require automation technology, marketing experience, sales expertise, graphic design, inventory, inventory management, professionalism (in appearance and workmanship), vehicular data, logistics, storage space, permits, insurance, advertising, branding, uniforms, waste disposal, and an in-depth understanding of automobiles. In the beginning it may be tempting to believe that customers will "beat a path to your door", or that you can succeed without any of these elements, however this is a recipe for insolvency. Every detail matters from the appearance & cleanliness of your vehicles & uniforms, right down to the professionalism of your marketing and reception staff.

Business Owner Information Form

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