Mobile Oil Change Trucks & Equipment

Durable, Reliable, Lightweight & Efficient LubeVan Mobile Oil Change Trucks, Tools, & Equipment

Built for uninterrupted service in the great Canadian Winter!

Whether you're an individual or Fortune 500 company, LubeVan can help you bring a Mobile Oil Change to your marketplace!

Whether you need tools, equipment, training, or a complete system: We're your field-tested, quality guaranteed, maximum efficiency, solutions provider.

How can LubeVan help get you to work?


We've spent years figuring out the most lightweight, efficient, and economical design for mobile oil change vehicles. No wasted space, no unnecessary weight, everything in reach for maximum efficiency, the fewest steps, and the quickest oil changes.


Nothing is worse than breaking a tool when you're miles away from the closest shop or store. Having the most reliable tools and equipment on your service vehicle is the ONLY way to turn a constant profit in this business, and reliable equipment is our specialty.


How do I use all this stuff? What is the fastest way to get an oil change done? How do you reset the oil change reminder on this car? What is this tool for? LubeVan provides complete training programs for individuals and companies.


Our core business is providing oil changes to customers, we're tremendously experienced at successfully operating this model after years of commitment to getting it right. If you've got questions on how to build your business, build your vehicles, or just want to investigate the model, someone from our team is happy to consult with you and help you make the best, most profitable decision.

Mobile Oil Change Equipment, Tools, and Fully Assembled Service Trucks

Whether you are looking to purchase a 15 van fleet, or mobile oil change equipment, our team has a "Powered by LubeVan" solution to meet your needs. LubeVan offers full mobile oil change truck outfitting, oil change tools, and vehicles including eye-catching attractive exterior designs that will have customers stopping in the street to ask about your business. Start your mobile oil change business today!


Costing guidline & fee structure

Initial Consultation (required) - $499 USD

During the initial consultation, a member of our team will connect with you, provide detailed hard earned information about the mobile lube business, share sales projections, equipment lists, and options. Our team will gain an understanding of your needs, and prepair a formal proposal for your project taking geography and logistics into consideration. Our initial consultation is required to ensure we are working with a qualified business or individual committed to the project.

Don't look like an amateur draining oil into a pan, and PLEASE don't spill any. The LubeVan closed Loop dispensing system allows you to drain and fill vehicles with speed, efficiency and accuracy. *** Required - 3000w / 110V.

Completed service vehicles have a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks from deposit. Buyer is responsible for pickup (shipping, importing, duties, VAT, etc) from LubeVan head office at 4711 Yonge Street, in North York. Please schedule a consultation to discuss further.

LubeVan Complete Mobile Service Toolset $6,000 USD

Closed Loop Oil Extraction & Dispensing System $4,500 USD

Don't wind up with the wrong tools on the job! LubeVan's complete mobile service toolset will ensure you have durable reliable tools that will service 100% of the vehicles you encounter. Whether you're servicing a Toyota Camry, or a Porsche 911, you need to have the correct tools and electronics. The LubeVan Toolset includes a procured durable set of tools with a guarantee you won't need to buy anything else

New Fully Assembled Service Vehicles - Starting at $65,000 USD

Fully assembled service vehicles are completely ready for action with all the necessary tools, equipment, training, and even your starting inventory!

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