LubeVan Mobile Brake Service brings brake grinding, squeaking, squealing and pulsing to a dead STOP.

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Do you hear noises or feel vibrations while braking?

Is your brake pedal feeling squishy?

Schedule a visit with LubeVan's 310S Ontario Licensed Mechanics for a brake service or inspection today! Stop worrying about the noises coming from your brakes and START STOPPING!


The best in brakes! LubeVan offers the highest quality Raybestos aftermarket brakes. Ask about our coated rotors and Element3 brake pads.


LubeVan mechanics perform a variety of brake services right in your driveway. You can count on LubeVan to :

Service or Rebuild Hydraulic Braking Systems

(Passenger vehicles and light trucks only)

Replace Brake Pads

Replace Brake Rotors

Replace Brake Shoes

Replace Brake Drums

Flush and Replace Brake Fluid



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Call (844) 582-3826 EXT-2 for a brake quote today, or schedule your diagnoses below!

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