LubeVan is the OnSite Flat Tire Repair Specialist

There is absolutely nothing worse than leaving your front door to discover a flat-tire on your vehicle, especially if you're on your way to work. LubeVan makes flat-tire repair easy by coming to you. In most cases our team can repair your tire within 40 minutes on site by patching the tire from the inside and rebalancing it (a repair that will last the lifetime of the tire). It rare cases if you have a sidewall puncture, or the tire is near the end of it’s useful life, our team can install your spare tire, and order a replacement tire for you (technician can provide tire quotations on-site)!

LubeVan's on-site flat tire repair will only take about 15 minutes of your time (40 minutes total to complete the repair). We will need you to be on site to provide access and potentially unlock the vehicle if it’s equipped with wheel locks.

The fee for this service is only $69, sure beats installing a spare tire or towing your vehicle to a shop!

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